About Us

Our Background in 3 states

Jay Preston learned from and worked for his Uncle (Matt Preston) early-on who owned Bugs B Gone in Indianapolis (http://bugsbgone.com/) until very recently (he sold it to retire at the end of 2023). Jay has had fantastic success in Texas, South Carolina and Indiana.

Along the way he trained 2 awesome German Shepherds to help in the fight against snakes, bed bugs, and other critters. Over the years, Jay has carved out a niche, working mainly for Property Managers and Business Managers.

Uncle Matt

Daphne and Dakota

Meet Daphne and Dakota, our expertly trained German Shepherds 🐾! These dynamic duo partners help our Indianapolis Pest Control team by using their incredible sense of smell to chase off snakes and unwanted critters, ensuring a clear path for effective treatment. From uncovering hidden bed bugs in spots beyond visual inspection to tackling various tasks, these four-legged heroes keep your space pest-free with unmatched precision. 🐾 #IndyPestControl #GermanShepherdHeroes #SniffingOutTheUnseen”

What Sets Us Apart?

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