We handle anything pest control related, in-house, including animal trapping/repelling.

We cover the entire state of Indiana.

We can repair pest related damage if requested (holes behind appliances, animal entry holes, Termite Damage, etc) = While we are not Contractors; we do have a Handyman on staff.

German Roaches, Rodents & Bed Bugs are our specialties

We have developed a patented process that works each and every time on these 3 issues.

Non-Toxic Treatments Available

With our Entomology and Chemistry Degrees combined; we have figured out the precise combinations and volume of essential oils and holistic treatments for just about every situation. This flexibility is great if you have an owner that prefers non-toxic products used in their properties, as well as any tenants that may be on cancer treatments or ill in anyway (even allergies).

At No Time:

Will we just simply spray and leave. We will always inspect before and after and go over our in-house check list before leaving.

Will we discuss anything confidential with a tenant or customer.

Will our price be more than our Value!